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´╗┐Numerous accommodation right next door were built around the airport of Berlin-Brandenburg (BER). Of course, there are also hotels in the vicinity. The Berlin-Brandenburg airport hotel is a hotel. Every day, this hotel offers special promotions, with his biggest advantage is that the walk to the Terminal is only 200 meters. Such accommodation are need to accommodate the passengers overnight in a hotel very handy, when be departures or arrivals due to technical or other so long delayed problems. For people living outside of Berlin, is it recommended a day before to travel to, because she are such a lot of spare hustle and bustle. It is thus protected from unforeseen incidents that otherwise cause that you missed his flight. Also can the evening in this way or, depending on the departure the morning still use and visit Berlin. Whether strikes, volcanic eruption or weather conditions: at an airport where there are national, intra-European and international departures and arrivals, it can always come to problems, which require an accommodation of passengers in surrounding hotels.

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