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The beauty of the land and the touristic importance jumps to the first sight in the eye, there are not many world famous attractions, but it has to offer a very diverse and varied nature and also a lot of cultural highlights. Examples are Schloss and Park Sanssouci, where once Frederick spent the summer and Schloss Meseberg, today a well-known Guest House of the Federal Government. Brandenburg is very rich in forests and water. The country has more than 3000 Lakes, including about 800 Schwielochsee known over a hectares as the merry at bath, divers and anglers alike, the Werbellinsee, Lake Scharmützel and the Stechlin Lake with over 70 meters water depth. It has two huge wetlands and floodplain with the Spreewald in the southeast of the Federal State and the Havelland, in the North- and moorland which are unique in Europe. Rare animal and plant species are found only here and that is why they are strictly protected in biosphere reserves. Very known, also the Schorfheide, Europe's largest contiguous forest area is around 60 km away from Berlin. Also it is a biosphere reserve under UNESCO protection and invites to hiking, cycling, horse riding, swimming and relax can be. There are to visit historical buildings, to visit exhibitions, to experience festivals and concerts, good to eat and to drink.


It is the largest of the new federal States and the fifth largest of the Federal Republic of Germany. Its area is approximately 30000 km2 and the population is two and a half millions. In the East, it borders on Poland in the South of Saxony, in the West of Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to the North. In addition the German State of Brandenburg wraps our capital Berlin from all sides and forms the so-called Bacon belt of the city. The very beautiful and interesting city of Brandenburg, Potsdam is directly adjacent to Berlin.

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