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Berlin-Brandenburg is on its way to the leaders who are there already today domestic air and space industry to be almost 100 companies on the ground and nearly 20.000 people work in the sector of aviation and space travel. The engine technology has here important sites especially with Rolls-Royce and MTU maintenance. The development of international airports Berlin Brandenburg International is progressing vigorously and to be completed in the summer of 2012. Then much will be from the old airport Berlin-Schönefeld no longer left. The new airport BER will be gigantic. It includes 1470 hectares, 2 start and runways and a volume of 27 million passengers in the early stages and 45 million after the installation phase. At peak times, up 6500 passengers per hour are can start and end up at the airport. Air travel to and from Berlin and Brandenburg under one roof can be managed with the new airport of BER. The importance of air transport for the economic, social and tourist development of the Federal State of Brandenburg to be seen in the coming years. Already, many jobs have been created newly and the country is on the right track.


It is the largest of the new federal States and the fifth largest of the Federal Republic of Germany. Its area is approximately 30000 km2 and the population is two and a half millions. In the East, it borders on Poland in the South of Saxony, in the West of Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to the North. In addition the German State of Brandenburg wraps our capital Berlin from all sides and forms the so-called Bacon belt of the city. The very beautiful and interesting city of Brandenburg, Potsdam is directly adjacent to Berlin.

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