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All these plans of aviation have great advantages for Brandenburg. Because Brandenburg tourism will be boosted with the high number of passengers. The economy would get through a better international connection a huge upswing. Higher air transport will lead to a vesrtärkten settlement of new businesses and create unimagined new jobs. Until now, the share of international visitors makes up about 40% of all visitors and consists mainly of Italians, Englishmen, Americans and Dutch. With the opening of the airport of BER, tourists from other countries could still plenty as Australia and Asia come to do so. But also the business tourism, which is pretty high now because of the large international conferences, could increase by the new BER airport. The hotel industry, catering and naturally retailers will positively be affected by this development.


It is the largest of the new federal States and the fifth largest of the Federal Republic of Germany. Its area is approximately 30000 km2 and the population is two and a half millions. In the East, it borders on Poland in the South of Saxony, in the West of Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to the North. In addition the German State of Brandenburg wraps our capital Berlin from all sides and forms the so-called Bacon belt of the city. The very beautiful and interesting city of Brandenburg, Potsdam is directly adjacent to Berlin.

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