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Berlin Airport BER

All these plans of aviation would have great advantages for the city and the State. For even more tourists to the city would come with the high number of passengers and the economy would get a huge boost. Higher air traffic could lead to the establishment of new businesses and create also a number of new jobs. The largest employers based in Berlin, are currently: Deutsche Bahn AG with over 15,000 employees, Siemen AG with over 13,000 employees and the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe with approximately 10,000 employees. If the town is one of the destinations preferred in Europe now to London, Paris and Rome, she could still develop in the future this position and perhaps one day even on rank # 1 in the international ranking stand. Until now, the share of international visitors makes up about 40% of all visitors and consists mainly of Italians, Englishmen, Americans and Dutch. With the opening of the airport of BER, tourists from other countries could still plenty as Australia and Asia come to do so. But also the business tourism, which is pretty high now because of the large international conferences, could increase by the new BER airport. The hotel industry, catering and naturally retailers will positively be affected by this development.

The Capital Region

The Federal State of Berlin is completely surrounded by the German State of Brandenburg. In addition, the city of Berlin is the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany. Tourism for our capital has a major economic stake, because it is national as internationally one of the most visited centres, which could be due not least to the excellently-built air transport and the high number of beds of the many hotels. The main attraction are the many museums, architecture, the historic sites but also the numerous festivals, major events, shopping facilities and varied nightlife of the capital.

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