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More than 100,000 people live around Schönefeld. 100,000 People who have the right to free development of personality and physical integrity (Basic Law article 2). A very gehörtes argument for an airport in Schönefeld is that it lies outside the city. Is a non urban airport a non urban airport, because it is located a few metres from the city limits? Worldwide, a new airport of that dimension in a densely populated area is built into planned geschweigedenn. A 25 million euro, comparative regional planning procedures was led before the choice of location. Result: Only Schönefeld as unsuitable was assessed in all locations. Not even as a result! The privatisation agreements envisaged that an annual rate of return is guaranteed the operator from 15% to the capital. Over 95% of all plane crashes happen immediately after takeoff or before landing. Economically, an airport of that size only with full night flight operations can be run. And unfortunately, that is also provided. "Pleasant dreams". The approach spans the area of Müggelsees and to flowing waters, so one of the drinking water reservoirs of the city. Precious drinking water, many gas mains are directly in the flight area. Thousands of private farmers will partially expropriated insidiously that decreases the value of your land. Promised value increases and comparisons with other parts of the airport appear utopian, because it is settlement and not industrial space. Inadequate infrastructure expansion options. For example, With a connection to the railway network of the railway, also frequenting the track Schöneweide - is Königs Wusterhausen greatly increased. This track is passable to a longer section only by level crossings. The result is a, insufficient connection of the East and Westteile of the municipalities of Eichwalde, Zeuthen and Wildau. As a result from shorter barrier opening times an insufficient emergency care of the residents is achieved with a new EU regime.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport

"A major airport for Berlin", or "From three make one!" At Berlin's changing history, it is not surprising that air transport not concentrated as in other cities on a hub, but distributed at three airports. After the reunification, it was however decided that the German capital Gets an airport, is worthy of her: a hub, which brings together the movements of Tegel, Tempelhof and Schoenefeld and developed into a hub between East and West. Schönefeld should be expanded to the airport Berlin Brandenburg international, short BER. The required closing of Tegel and Tempelhof was written in the operating licence of BER. Thus, the fear that the project of a large airport by the existence of two other, competing with him airports to failure is doomed, should be given out. This plan was in 1996 and supported by judicial decisions. Resistance was formed against the planned closure of the emblematic airport in 2008: landed during the Berlin blockade the so-called Raisin in Tempelhof and thereby ensured the supply of the closed city.

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