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The road to the airport was cumbersome and set some. The friends of Tempelhof could mobilize while 500,000 people, but still nearly missed the prescribed quorum. Tempelhof was closed as planned and built the new airport Berlin Brandenburg international, short BER. But the way to the opening in 2012 is stony. The Leipzig federal judge prohibited the original plan of a 24 hour operation. This judgment formed the basis for a new model: night flights were only exceptionally permitted in the edge of the times. That meant that flights are to be restricted possible between 10 pm and midnight and 5 am to 6 am. This was the local residents and municipalities not enough however and they tried to enforce a complete night flight ban, but failed before the Leipzig judges of federal management. When this was clarified, the fear made the round that BER would become not a hub between East and West, but a Centre for low cost airlines. This would in itself not tragic, but when expanding this section with the same speed as before, it takes only a few years, until hits Berlin Brandenburg international to the limits of its capabilities. Small machines would have to end up then anywhere else. Although they could provided by small airports in the Brandenburg area such as Finow or Schönhagen, but by the condemnation of the BER associated would only conceals.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport

"A major airport for Berlin", or "From three make one!" At Berlin's changing history, it is not surprising that air transport not concentrated as in other cities on a hub, but distributed at three airports. After the reunification, it was however decided that the German capital Gets an airport, is worthy of her: a hub, which brings together the movements of Tegel, Tempelhof and Schoenefeld and developed into a hub between East and West. Schönefeld should be expanded to the airport Berlin Brandenburg international, short BER. The required closing of Tegel and Tempelhof was written in the operating licence of BER. Thus, the fear that the project of a large airport by the existence of two other, competing with him airports to failure is doomed, should be given out. This plan was in 1996 and supported by judicial decisions. Resistance was formed against the planned closure of the emblematic airport in 2008: landed during the Berlin blockade the so-called Raisin in Tempelhof and thereby ensured the supply of the closed city.

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