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The immediate and future capabilities are impressive. The planned Terminal departures and arrivals of the first to be, realised with 25 and 27 million passengers annually which is little in the light of major hubs such as Heathrow or John F. Kennedy airport in New York. But planners have considered that the capacity of the airport could quickly reach their limits, and plan the expansion of the piers. This could be realized, while departures and arrivals without any restrictions go on. The construction of two additional terminals is intended for further growth in passengers. By using these changes, the capacity can be increased BER to approximately 45 million passengers per year. The baggage handling system would be extended accordingly. As a whole, the target dimensions are impressive. In peak hours, up to 6500 people to pass the security controls during 150 stores and restaurants offer distraction between check-in and departure and the airport building is among the most modern terminals in the world: a transparent building with much glass.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport

"A major airport for Berlin", or "From three make one!" At Berlin's changing history, it is not surprising that air transport not concentrated as in other cities on a hub, but distributed at three airports. After the reunification, it was however decided that the German capital Gets an airport, is worthy of her: a hub, which brings together the movements of Tegel, Tempelhof and Schoenefeld and developed into a hub between East and West. Schönefeld should be expanded to the airport Berlin Brandenburg international, short BER. The required closing of Tegel and Tempelhof was written in the operating licence of BER. Thus, the fear that the project of a large airport by the existence of two other, competing with him airports to failure is doomed, should be given out. This plan was in 1996 and supported by judicial decisions. Resistance was formed against the planned closure of the emblematic airport in 2008: landed during the Berlin blockade the so-called Raisin in Tempelhof and thereby ensured the supply of the closed city.

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